Who Would You Consider a “Creative” Person?

October 8, 2013 — Leave a comment


Listening to a the Beyond the To Do List Podcast last week I found a great gem of info, that has got me thinking ever since I heard.

A creative is anyone who has turn his thoughts into value. – Todd Henry

We have over-sexyfied the term creative. Most people think of hipsters with black rimmed glasses who listen to music nobody has ever heard of before. Drinking coffee that they probably grew and filtered through an old filthy sock (which by the way, kudos if you do). We think of the photographer who shows off his amazing portraits. Or the guy who makes a video with lots of racks to the beat of an Explosions in the Sky tune.

The reality is far from that. Have you ever turned your thoughts into value? Something that you gave birth in your mind actually made it into the real world and was of real use to someone else?

Congratulations, you’re a creative!

Welcome to the club!

It’s time to start excusing ourselves behind the thought that creativity is only for the few chosen ones. The voice that tells us that creativity is only for the enlightened elite.

You’re chosen. You’re enlightened. You have the capabilities to be creative, because that’s how we were created. It’s in our wiring.

And if you’re on the verge of going back and forth deciding if you’re a creative or not, jump in. You’re a creative if you’re offering value. Creativity is not defined by your beard or lack there of. Not even by the way you dress. Being creative is the fact that you can deliver value coming straight from you.

You do that, and you’ve earned the name.

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