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December 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

I published 5 posts during the month of November. This was no surprise to me after I had published a little note saying that I was taking that week off to work on some extra projects. That week extended to the whole month.

Truth is I needed to slow down for a bit. I was spending a ton of time working on projects and being gone, and I was losing precious time with my family. And I it was quite a bit of work and hours on top of my regular church work.

And then when my schedule got less crazy, I aimed to go to bed when my daughter went to bed, which is usually about 9:15ish. I found it refreshing as I got a ton of sleep. I almost decided to not go back to blogging until January, but I figured why wait.

While I was on hiatus I thought about the blog and how it was turning into a mass of random posts. Some of them didn’t even pertain to creative ministry, or media, or church. There were some posts about productivity, and although it’s certainly important to have good time management to practice creative ministry, it’s not the main topic of this blog. More importantly, some of the posts were just random jabbing about nonsensical stuff.

No worries! This is about to change. I read this article from John Saddington from a few years back in which he suggests that most blogs should have 5 to 8 categories. I took that seriously and thought about this blog and how it was running to all sorts of places. Currently I have 28 categories!!!! Seriously, that’s just way too many. It got to the point where I had a category called Cool Pictures, which apparently was one of the most used one, but funny enough I don’t remember ever using it :)

And although as of this year John Sadddington dissed categories and went basically categoryless, he still thinks categories help younger blogs. Categoryless might work for his blog, but it’s not for everyone. He’s been blogging for over 10 years and has a massive subscribed readership, so he plays in a different kind of ballpark than me and makes his own rules.

So what are these categories that I’m grouping the content in? I’m glad you ask:


This includes inspirational stories that I find. Usually something that will motivate me and others to go and get it (whatever it is).

I’m also including the interview section of the blog on this category. I personally get inspired by the people that I have already interviewed like Kelvin Co, Jared Callais, Mike Dsane, Jonathan Malm. I’m also soon featuring an interview with Ryan Leak, whose Pinterest-planned wedding video went viral. These stories and more that I’m excited to share as they become available.

Quotes have also been a big part of Young Creative Ministry, one of our most popular posts is Salvador Dalí’s quote “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” They will fit into the inspiration category from now on.

After much thought Inspiration Wednesday is going on an indefinite hiatus. I’m sure sometime in the future it will come back and I’m glad it’s had a great run, but I’m done with it for now.


This is the anti creative’s block category. I will discuss matters like what I do when I don’t feel creative, what others do to work on creative projects and articles from other sites that I find relevant for our community (I will discuss them, not blatantly copy and paste them).


This wouldn’t be a ministry blog if we didn’t talk about spirituality. In the beginning of the blog I occasionally posted about it, but lately it’s become a more prominent part of the blog with the series 7 Keys to Staying on Purpose. So it will continue from now on as a new category.


This category is important in the the media ministry world. You will likely work with volunteers and will be in different situations where you will need to use your leadership skills, balancing ministry and leadership principles.

Don’t worry, I’m not claiming to be an expert on leadership, but will seek for examples of what good leadership in media ministry world and beyond looks like. For example Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life Podcast


One time I went to a conference where they had a session for church media people. It was at a big church, and I got there hoping they reveal the secrets behind the technical  side of their services. No, I only got to hear all the philosophy behind it. Which is cool, you don’t want to go do aimless stuff, you want your productions to matter, but I wish they would’ve told us about what technology they were using for certain parts of their services.

With that in mind, I like talking about the technical side of media ministry. Yes, it’s a ministry, and it’s about people first, but you also get to play with all these machines and cool technological gadgets, and I like getting into the details of them sometimes too.

Posts in this category will be similar to 4 Steps to Shooting a Great Green Screen for Beginners4 Tools That Could Save Your Location Shoot and my recent 3 Point Lighting post.


The resources category will help you get better and give you tools to get your work done. This will direct you to free PSD files, or other sites that charge for their services but that make coming up with new and fresh stuff on a weekly basis easier, like Envato whom I’ll be featuring more (I’m an Envato affiliate, so if you click on a link from here to their site, then sign up and buy credits, I get to earn a commission. This of course at no extra cost to you.) Worship House Media.

Conferences are big resources to get ideas flowing from the topics presented and even the performances that often take place. I will feature relevant conferences that are coming up like I did with Seeds, Catalyst, and Echo.

I’m also focusing more on making app reviews. My goal is to give you the heads up on new software for your tablet or smart phone that you can use for media ministry, like Wham City Lights and Planning Center Online.


And lastly web. This will include lessons I’ve learned on social media, blogging and website advice.  Web is the way media ministry is going (doh!).

As you have seen this is a super long post (over 1100 words), this is also an advice that I got from John Saddington’s blog. Posts with at least 300 words are easier to be indexed by search engines, but more than that, they add more value to the reader.

With value for the reader in mind, I’m posting less jab posts and more relevant info. Thank you for reading this far, I appreciate the fact there was still traffic as usual while I was gone.

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