Interview with Ryan Leak

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I have the blessing to know Ryan Leak from a few years back when we were on staff at the same church. He’s a really creative individual and a visionary entrepreneur. He started a production company while also traveling around the country speaking and consulting churches and companies..

Recently his wedding video went viral. In all honesty, I sent him this questionnaire before the video went viral, after we had sat for lunch a few months back. And after watching the moving video and the impact it had, I decided to ask him a few more questions.

So here it is, my interview with the one and only Ryan Leak… Continue Reading…

I published 5 posts during the month of November. This was no surprise to me after I had published a little note saying that I was taking that week off to work on some extra projects. That week extended to the whole month.

Truth is I needed to slow down for a bit. I was spending a ton of time working on projects and being gone, and I was losing precious time with my family. And I it was quite a bit of work and hours on top of my regular church work.

And then when my schedule got less crazy, I aimed to go to bed when my daughter went to bed, which is usually about 9:15ish. I found it refreshing as I got a ton of sleep. I almost decided to not go back to blogging until January, but I figured why wait.

While I was on hiatus I thought about the blog and how it was turning into a mass of random posts. Some of them didn’t even pertain to creative ministry, or media, or church. There were some posts about productivity, and although it’s certainly important to have good time management to practice creative ministry, it’s not the main topic of this blog. More importantly, some of the posts were just random jabbing about nonsensical stuff.

No worries! This is about to change. I read this article from John Saddington from a few years back in which he suggests that most blogs should have 5 to 8 categories. I took that seriously and thought about this blog and how it was running to all sorts of places. Currently I have 28 categories!!!! Seriously, that’s just way too many. It got to the point where I had a category called Cool Pictures, which apparently was one of the most used one, but funny enough I don’t remember ever using it :)

And although as of this year John Sadddington dissed categories and went basically categoryless, he still thinks categories help younger blogs. Categoryless might work for his blog, but it’s not for everyone. He’s been blogging for over 10 years and has a massive subscribed readership, so he plays in a different kind of ballpark than me and makes his own rules.

So what are these categories that I’m grouping the content in? I’m glad you ask: Continue Reading…

Inspiration Wednesday 12

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Friends, if your work depends on something you do on a computer (and if you’re here it probably does) please remember to press “Command + S often!”

It happened to me last week. I was working on a project for a client that had already taken a few hours. Then After Effects froze up on me.

First I denied it. It’ll come back, I thought, After Effects is just processing it. Give it time to think, Danny!

Then the thought of my project being gone started to creep in. But I saved this earlier… or did I? Come on, it’s not the first time I’m working on a After Effects project. I know better. I press “Command + S” often. Then it finally happened, I realized it was gone.

I was upset! I spent hours on this project and now it was gone?

For a solid five minutes I sat there wishing I had saved my project earlier. I contemplated my iMac’s screen wondering why I never hit “Command + S.” The thought crept in again: “this is not my first project, why didn’t I save it?!!?” Did I shed a tear or not, I will leave that up to your imagination.

I had to accept it for what it was: lost time!

All the hours gone.

All the progress gone.

But was all the effort gone? Not exactly.

Yes, the project was wiped clean, but I remembered what I was trying to accomplish in the video. So even though all the work was gone, the idea still lived in my head.

Nonetheless I was going to be up for a good chunk of the night recreating the project. I was determined to finish… even if it meant staying up late and feeling jet lagged the next day.

And several hours later I went to bed as my project rendered, getting ready to present it to the client.

So folks, “Command + S” often. “Command + S” all the things if possible.

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