Envying Someone’s Present

March 18, 2013 — Leave a comment
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We tend to look at the the leaders in our niche and sigh thinking we will never get to where they are at. We cry because we want to be like them.We start thinking things like:

  • Why can’t this or that just be as easy as the situation x person is facing?
  • Gosh, if I had what x person has, my life would be better.
  • If I where in x persons place, I would do things differently.

I’ve posted about Seeds Conference in the past, and while I couldn’t make it out there this year, I know a few people who did. My friends at The Oaks Creative team were there. Creative media pastor Kelvin Co, tweeted this during Steve Furtick’s session.


That’s what this all comes down to. You really don’t know what that successful  person or ministry have endured to get where they are now.

I remember looking through a book of Hillsong’s history that my dad brought from a trip to Sydney, and noticing that they started in a little chapel. You wouldn’t think about that when you see their building today, but even Hillsong had humble beginnings.

This is true in all fields. Mark Zukkerberg started in his college dorm. Steve Job and Steve Wozniak started in Job’s garage. But regardless of where you are, do not compare your ministry or skills to someone else’s because:

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