Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Perfect it

September 30, 2013 — Leave a comment


I heard this phrase the other day:

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, perfect it.”

In a creative field people fight for being the most innovative storytellers of all time. It’s a noble thought, we must seek to improve. But sometimes in our adventure to become the best, we aim to reinvent the wheel. Try to make something up that has already been created. Nothing really innovative. True, it’s one hundred percent our own sweat and effort, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Your assignment today is to find that wheel that you’re trying to invent. Are you coming up with a system that someone else has already implemented? Why not perfect and adapt that system on your own endeavors.

Or maybe that one thing has not been invented, in which case what are you waiting for? If you’ve come up with the solution to a problem, you must share now.

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Danny De los Reyes

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Media Director at Northplace Church in Sachse, TX. I make stuff up... videos & animations usually. I am a happy husband, a daddy to a beautiful little girl. I'm a fan of coffee, arts, sports, social media, social justice and good times with friends.