Friends, if your work depends on something you do on a computer (and if you’re here it probably does) please remember to press “Command + S often!”

It happened to me last week. I was working on a project for a client that had already taken a few hours. Then After Effects froze up on me.

First I denied it. It’ll come back, I thought, After Effects is just processing it. Give it time to think, Danny!

Then the thought of my project being gone started to creep in. But I saved this earlier… or did I? Come on, it’s not the first time I’m working on a After Effects project. I know better. I press “Command + S” often. Then it finally happened, I realized it was gone.

I was upset! I spent hours on this project and now it was gone?

For a solid five minutes I sat there wishing I had saved my project earlier. I contemplated my iMac’s screen wondering why I never hit “Command + S.” The thought crept in again: “this is not my first project, why didn’t I save it?!!?” Did I shed a tear or not, I will leave that up to your imagination.

I had to accept it for what it was: lost time!

All the hours gone.

All the progress gone.

But was all the effort gone? Not exactly.

Yes, the project was wiped clean, but I remembered what I was trying to accomplish in the video. So even though all the work was gone, the idea still lived in my head.

Nonetheless I was going to be up for a good chunk of the night recreating the project. I was determined to finish… even if it meant staying up late and feeling jet lagged the next day.

And several hours later I went to bed as my project rendered, getting ready to present it to the client.

So folks, “Command + S” often. “Command + S” all the things if possible.

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Danny De los Reyes

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Media Director at Northplace Church in Sachse, TX. I make stuff up... videos & animations usually. I am a happy husband, a daddy to a beautiful little girl. I'm a fan of coffee, arts, sports, social media, social justice and good times with friends.