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Friends, if your work depends on something you do on a computer (and if you’re here it probably does) please remember to press “Command + S often!”

It happened to me last week. I was working on a project for a client that had already taken a few hours. Then After Effects froze up on me.

First I denied it. It’ll come back, I thought, After Effects is just processing it. Give it time to think, Danny!

Then the thought of my project being gone started to creep in. But I saved this earlier… or did I? Come on, it’s not the first time I’m working on a After Effects project. I know better. I press “Command + S” often. Then it finally happened, I realized it was gone.

I was upset! I spent hours on this project and now it was gone?

For a solid five minutes I sat there wishing I had saved my project earlier. I contemplated my iMac’s screen wondering why I never hit “Command + S.” The thought crept in again: “this is not my first project, why didn’t I save it?!!?” Did I shed a tear or not, I will leave that up to your imagination.

I had to accept it for what it was: lost time!

All the hours gone.

All the progress gone.

But was all the effort gone? Not exactly.

Yes, the project was wiped clean, but I remembered what I was trying to accomplish in the video. So even though all the work was gone, the idea still lived in my head.

Nonetheless I was going to be up for a good chunk of the night recreating the project. I was determined to finish… even if it meant staying up late and feeling jet lagged the next day.

And several hours later I went to bed as my project rendered, getting ready to present it to the client.

So folks, “Command + S” often. “Command + S” all the things if possible.

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What a Great Sunday!

September 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

Back to the grind again! I love my job! #liveproduction

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Set List 9-15-13

September 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

Our set list for today:
God is able.
Beautiful sound.
Glorify your name.
Jesus be the center.

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3 Point Lighting

September 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

The other day I was explaining 3 point lighting to a friend. I got my Moleskine out and drew a diagram:

I published this picture through Pressgram on my personal site, but I figured I could expand a little more here at YCM.

Three point lighting is also called photographic lighting principle or triangle lighting. Here’s a definition straight from the Television Production Handbook by Zettl:

The triangular arrangemenbt of key, back, and fill lights, with the back light opposite the camera and directly behind the object, and the key and fill lights on opposite sides of the camera and to the front and the side of the object.

In other words you have three lights:

  • Key
  • Fill
  • Back

Key Light

The key light is position about 45 degrees from the subject that you’re shooting. This is the main source of light of the scene. When setting up your lights this is the first one to go up. Make sure that it’s giving you a nose shadow (don’t worry too much about the shadow, that’s where the fill light comes in).

Fill Light

You will position the fill light at 120ish degrees from the subject. This light will have less intensity than the key light, usually about 50% less. If all your lights have the same wattage, you can get less intensity by doing one of two things:

  1. Placing the fill light further away from the subject.
  2. Using a light dimmer.

The fill light will help you to eliminate dark spots. Which is optional since you could want more shadows, that’s really subjective and up to your creative juices.

Back Light

The back light usually goes directly on the other side of the fill light. Typically angled down a bit more than the fill and the key. Also, back lights can be any color, usually achieved by using C.T.O or C.T.B. gels.

Be careful with the way you angle down your lights. As a rule of thumb position them just above the eye level of your subject angled down about 15 degrees.

Here is link for a Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit with TO-83 Case on Amazon (affiliate link). It’s a pretty good and basic solution for your interview shoots. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Services are Underway

September 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

Services are in full swing. Really good worship and sermon today.

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