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7 Keys to Staying on Purpose

This week Pastor Bryan preached on the importance of moving forward. His sermon was titled “Staying on Mission.” Because we cannot stay stagnant where we are. We have to realize that we haven’t arrived to our final destination and this isn’t over.

He reminded us that:

The harvest potential of where we are is not the harvest potential of where God wants to take us.

His sermon was super practical and a good reminder for Northplace, my home church, that our 90+ history is not over. It’s easy to slip into the mindset of reminiscing and reliving in the good old times. There’s nothing wrong with remembering your past. What we can’t do is stay in the past.

We just gotta understand that we have to keep on going. Pastor Bryan mentioned that rear mirrors are usually smaller than windshield mirrors. Why? Because you have to focus on the road ahead to keep moving, more than on what you’re leaving behind.

His message really impacted me; he shared a lot of wisdom in 40 minutes. Literally the best part was that I got to listen to it three times. It was incredibly good.

Here are his points:
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Easter at Northplace

He is Here from Northplace Church on Vimeo.

This is was our worship set for this past Easter. We linked a spoken word about the resurrection of Christ with “Our God” and “Before the Throne.” I believe it was a very powerful time of worship.

This past Easter weekend, we had one festival at both of our campuses, and 7 times of worship between our English and Spanish services. There were over 100 decisions to follow Christ over Easter weekend at Northplace. It was a great win for heaven.

Of those 7 services I directed 5 of them. We put so much effort and time into the whole worship experience. All those hours of editing and installing gear, all those things are cool, but the end result to see people coming to Christ, that’s what this is all about.

I’m glad all the hard work paid off.

Putting a Face to a Stat

Putting a Face to a Stat

A few weeks ago I heard the story of someone who encountered God through our online campus. He was living in England at the time, and heard about about Northplace from there. Now he lives in Dallas and attends our church. He’s baptizing this Sunday. And, he’s now a media volunteer as well!

I love seeing stories come full circle like that. Which made me think about the little things that we do week in and out. Sure, we might have our routine down to the science. Let’s not forget that we are actually a medium for God to change lives.

That button you press. That mouse you click. Those cues that you hit. They are a medium for God to work in the lives of others. Look at your tasks through this lens, and you will see how important your job is. And not important in a pride and boastful way, but more in a reverent way. It’s ministry. It’s God’s work.

So I shared this with our volunteers one Sunday, and they were pumped. The work that they do is not in vain. Their work is not so much to make us look good, but to lift God’s name. To spread that message of hope.

Let your team know this. We’re not merely hitting buttons, we’re taking the message of salvation to hopeless people.

Responding to a Nudge

February 19, 2013 — Leave a comment
A little nudge

A little nudge

Two women come out of Walmart. A man that was standing outside, says the name of one of them. Strange, because they have never met before.

As crazy as it sounds, the guy tells her that Jesus loves her and invites her to church. The lady gets saved and receives her first bible at church.

Have you ever had a nudge to do something? Like God is telling you: do this now! You never know where those nudges may lead. Everything that we do and say has eternal repercussions. It took one person doing what he felt right for this lady to accept Christ. By the way, she has now been a Christian for 10 years.

Imagine for a second if that man had never said anything. If he didn’t respond to that little nudge. They happen all the time. Sometimes as strange as outside of Walmart. Other times less obvious like when we’re at church in between services. Imagine what would happen if we all talked to the person sitting alone in our church’s pew.

it’s super hard to be the new person in church. Unless you’ve grown up in the same church your whole life, it’s likely you know what I’m talking about. Perhaps this person just moved from out of town and found your church online, but hasn’t connected with anyone yet. Go ahead, connect. Say hi. Be friendly.

Don’t be shy if you get a nudge.

Yes, you’re in charge of the technical side of things, but don’t forget about the people side of church. We are all looking for a place to belong.

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God Sponsored Projects?

February 11, 2013 — 1 Comment
Matthew 7 the message

Matthew 7:21-23 out of the Message

‘Master, we preached the Message, we bashed the demons, our God-sponsored projects had everyone talking.’ And do you know what I am going to say? ‘You missed the boat. All you did was use me to make yourselves important. You don’t impress me one bit. You’re out of here.’ -Matthew 7:21-23 The Message

Wow! My jaw dropped.

Am I using Him to make myself important?

Are my intentions the wrong ones?

It’s crazy that I read this, when last night I found this post published by Kelvin Co.

We work for churches and our art talks about God, but how involved is God in the planning of it? Do we pray often to seek his direction or do we go with whatever we think is the best alternative. Kelvin concluded his post with:

We are doing God’s work. He needs to have a say in it. He wants to be involved. If you reach out, you’ll find that His hands have been held out waiting for you to grab it so that He can guide you in each step of your work.

That post pretty much asks, are you following God’s heart? And at one point or another we all have to ask this. If our intentions are unaligned with God’s vision, we still have time to fix that.

Think about it, we all got some baggage to work on.

I had something completely different planned to post today, but I decided to go with this. Maybe God is speaking this message to you too.

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