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Michael Hyatt's Podcast Player

I enjoy reading Michael Hyatt’s blog. His blog is a resource that I found a couple of years ago and shortly after I subscribed to his podcast. Back then I wasn’t at all podcast listener, his was actually the very first podcast I ever subscribed to.

In March of last year I published a post about his podcast and some of the topics that it covers, you can check it here. Continue Reading…

Everybody’s personal growth is important (doh!). If you ever read one my posts and think that I’m doing it from a superior place where I have everything figured out, rest assure I don’t.

That’s not the intention of this blog. Why do I talk about leadership, creativity, craftsmanship and mastering skills? Because I need to apply that in my life. I need to personally grow more.

I don’t have everything figured out. I’d like to think that I do, but the reality is I don’t. And I believe that is a good place to be. Staying down where I can learn as much as possible.

So please, don’t let my posts stop you from taking away all (which really should be “if any”) information that is useful.

Remember that I’m there with you. Yes, I’ll go there: “We’re all in this together.”

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Establishing My Kingdom in the Video Room: Step 1

Video room is becoming a youth hang out

Coolest place to hang out for tech-hungry kids

You make it a youth hang out. (I’m getting the idea from this post)

These are some of our teenage volunteers that help week in and week out. Teaching a crew of teenagers how to direct, run camera, and much more is always fun.

Working with a young crew is hard some times, but worth it in the end. Plus, you’re teaching them skills that will hopefully serve them when they’re in the big world. I wish I had a cool a spot to hang out when I was younger like our video room.

And that’s how I’m establishing my kingdom in the video room. You?

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Jim Standridge Throws a Hissy Fit.

YouTube Screen Shot

You might already be familiar with this video that went viral last week. The video features a pastor calling out congregants in the middle of his sermon. I don’t think that’s the best way to deal with that.

I’m not going to embed the video on this blog post, because I don’t really feel like doing that. You can go YouTube it if you haven’t seen it yet (HINT search for: “Jim Standridge Throws a Hissy Fit”).

Out of all the people he called out I want to focus on one person: THE VIDEO GUY! Mainly because I’m a video guy, and many of the people that read this blog are video guys as well.

I think we can all agree that correction is good. There’s no other way to experience growth than through correcting your failures. What scares me is not being called out by a pastor, what scares me is that he did it in public. I feel that if you got a problem with the video guy, you should be taking care of it privately (otherwise it’ll end on YouTube).

Then again, I don’t know the video guy. Maybe he was intentionally establishing his kingdom in the video room. Maybe he wasn’t being nice. I don’t know, it happens.

So next time you think about establishing your kingdom in the video room you should ask yourself: what are the chances of my pastor going ballistic in front of the whole congregation, calling me out?

Thankfully my pastor is pretty awesome. He sends me notes of encouragement.

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“It ain’t where I’ve been, but where I’m about to go.” -Jay Z

For two types of mentalities:

  1. I’ve done everything well. And there’s nothing else for me to do. I’ve reached my maximum potential and everything else that I’ll achieve is subpar.
  2. I’ve done everything poorly. I’ve screwed everything up, who will believe in me anymore? No one will ever think I can achieve anything.

For both of you: CHILL!!

For Number One

This isn’t over until it’s over!

Just this weekend I was watching the final match for the Liga MX played by Club América and Cruz Azul. Cruz Azul was up 2-0 ten minutes before the match was over. Then FC América scored two goals in the last 5 minutes of the match!

It was craziness! Especially if you consider that the goalie scored the last one.

Moises Muñoz scoring a last minute goal

Moises Muñoz scoring a last minute goal

When they scored the first goal, I was like, “well, at least they scored one.” But they kept playing, and kept fighting with only ten man in their team.

They didn’t give up. One of the best lessons that sports highlight over and over is that it’s never over until the last minute is up. There’s always a chance to achieve more. To score one more goal.

For Number Two

Who cares! Everything in your past is already gone. Young people will always make mistakes. Sometimes it might feel like too many mistakes. Everyone at one point or another has been there. Don’t listen to the voice that tells you that you’re the only one stuck in that rut. Find a mentor who’s been there and a friend who is going through the same as you.

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.

So cheer up. It’s never too late!

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