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Get Organized!

by Danny De los Reyes

December is a very busy month when you’re involved in the church. Leading up to Christmas Sunday I had very few free evenings because of all the get togethers, meetings, parties and rehearsals.

It’s to be expected, it’s Christmas time! The load of activities increases. More people are likely to come to church than any other time of the year, with the exception of Easter of course. Continue Reading…


Listening to a the Beyond the To Do List Podcast last week I found a great gem of info, that has got me thinking ever since I heard.

A creative is anyone who has turn his thoughts into value. – Todd Henry

We have over-sexyfied the term creative. Most people think of hipsters with black rimmed glasses who listen to music nobody has ever heard of before. Drinking coffee that they probably grew and filtered through an old filthy sock (which by the way, kudos if you do). We think of the photographer who shows off his amazing portraits. Or the guy who makes a video with lots of racks to the beat of an Explosions in the Sky tune.

The reality is far from that. Have you ever turned your thoughts into value? Something that you gave birth in your mind actually made it into the real world and was of real use to someone else?

Congratulations, you’re a creative! Continue Reading…

No Mercy

When I was in college my video production professor had a saying

“Murder your own children”

No, he didn’t mean actual children. He was talking about our creations that become like our children.

It makes sense. Think about your last project.

  • You may have spent hours brainstorming, coming up with the core idea.
  • Then you went through the possibilities. Is this idea really plausible?
  • Once you had your idea set. If it’s a video you probably spent time scouting your location. It it’s a song you thought about what instruments to play. Depends on the craft.
  • Then you throw yourself into production.
  • You watch/listen to your creations and they don’t really seem to measure up with the standard that you initially had for it.
  • Then think about all the hours that you spent making this creation. Your creations are your children after all. That baby came out of you.

Since we think of creations as our children, it’s hard for us to admit they’re not measuring up. You’ve grown affectionate of them.

But for creative types it’s essential to recognize a part that needs to be cut out, regardless of who’s the originator of the original idea. Regardless of the hours it took you to get that perfect shot. Sure, there are sometimes when you can’t get away with that, but more often than not you will.

My professor in college had a very interesting activity for one of our classes. The activity consisted on letting another student edit someone else’s footage. Some crazy stuff would come out of it because the editor didn’t come to the footage with the same eyes as the person who shot it.

That super cool shot that took forever to get to perfection was cut out because it didn’t really work on the story the editor had in mind. Why? It was not that the editor was a cruel being who didn’t care, he just had more objective eyes. He saw the product for what it was worth, and he had to make the overall story work.

Next time you’r working on a project dear to your heart beware. These predicaments will show up. You will sacrifice effectiveness in telling a story for affection to the elements that might not fit well.

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I heard this phrase the other day:

“Don’t reinvent the wheel, perfect it.”

In a creative field people fight for being the most innovative storytellers of all time. It’s a noble thought, we must seek to improve. But sometimes in our adventure to become the best, we aim to reinvent the wheel. Try to make something up that has already been created. Nothing really innovative. True, it’s one hundred percent our own sweat and effort, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Your assignment today is to find that wheel that you’re trying to invent. Are you coming up with a system that someone else has already implemented? Why not perfect and adapt that system on your own endeavors.

Or maybe that one thing has not been invented, in which case what are you waiting for? If you’ve come up with the solution to a problem, you must share now.

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I love finding sites where I can go to recharge and get some ideas from. Here are ten of those sites:

Church Marketing Sucks

Getting Started

Church Marketing Sucks mission is to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ. Check out their Getting Started series of interviews with people in the church creative field that have been doing it for a little longer than some of us. Great advice and insight into those people.

Kelvin Co

Kelvin Co

My friend Kelvin Co has a blog where he shares some of his experiences. I’m looking forward to his next post. He’s a seasoned player in the world of church media production, and I respect him a lot. I’ve featured an interview with Kelvin on this site in the past, make sure to check it out.



I’ve featured Envato before, they’re your go to site for pre-made material. Whether it is WordPress themes, CSS code, design tutorials, audio, video, you name it, they got it.

Full disclosure, I’m an Envato affiliate. That means that when you click through my link and buy credits for the first time, I’ll get a commission at no extra cost for you.
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