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Today I’m posting this overdue Q&A with Bryce Hyland. Bryce is the project manager at The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas. I have known Bryce for several years now, and I admire his work ethic and execution skills.

Bryce is a super talented artist, and I’m glad he let me ask him a some questions. Continue Reading…

I met Matt Deras years ago when we were both students at SAGU. We worked on several projects together since our days in Video Production 1 class.

Matt is the Media Pastor at

“When I was first hired on in 2011 I just made up my own title; Media and Video Producer. That seemed to describe things pretty well. But a few months ago we made business cards for everyone on staff and behold my title was listed as Media Pastor. So I just went with it!”

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Michael Hyatt's Podcast Player

I enjoy reading Michael Hyatt’s blog. His blog is a resource that I found a couple of years ago and shortly after I subscribed to his podcast. Back then I wasn’t at all podcast listener, his was actually the very first podcast I ever subscribed to.

In March of last year I published a post about his podcast and some of the topics that it covers, you can check it here. Continue Reading…

God's Mission if Indispensable I'm Not

Written by Danny De los Reyes

This information might not seem like a revelation at all. But let’s put it in the light of a leader like Moses, since it’s been the very example of this whole post series. Continue Reading…

Get Organized!

by Danny De los Reyes

December is a very busy month when you’re involved in the church. Leading up to Christmas Sunday I had very few free evenings because of all the get togethers, meetings, parties and rehearsals.

It’s to be expected, it’s Christmas time! The load of activities increases. More people are likely to come to church than any other time of the year, with the exception of Easter of course. Continue Reading…