10 Sites That Will Spark Your Creativity

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I love finding sites where I can go to recharge and get some ideas from. Here are ten of those sites:

Church Marketing Sucks

Getting Started

Church Marketing Sucks mission is to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ. Check out their Getting Started series of interviews with people in the church creative field that have been doing it for a little longer than some of us. Great advice and insight into those people.

Kelvin Co

Kelvin Co

My friend Kelvin Co has a blog where he shares some of his experiences. I’m looking forward to his next post. He’s a seasoned player in the world of church media production, and I respect him a lot. I’ve featured an interview with Kelvin on this site in the past, make sure to check it out.



I’ve featured Envato before, they’re your go to site for pre-made material. Whether it is WordPress themes, CSS code, design tutorials, audio, video, you name it, they got it.

Full disclosure, I’m an Envato affiliate. That means that when you click through my link and buy credits for the first time, I’ll get a commission at no extra cost for you.

Church Stage Design Ideas


Are you looking for a new stage design for your church? Look no further, CSDI is a collection that will spark your creativity wildly. With full descriptions of what it takes to build the stages to all the material needed. I like that they even provide the budget for some of the stage designs. It helps when you have to present it to get approval.

Design Newz

Design Newz

This site is more like an RSS feed. They link to design content from all over the web, from aspects like coding and web development to photoshop and illustrator tutorials. They are always pointing out new freebies, that’s a plus when you’re trying to build your idea pile.

Dustn Not “I,” but Christ in me


Insights from Dustin Stout. He writes about three main topics: Christianity, Creativity and Social Media. He’s what you would call a Google Plus expert. Seriously, he has really good posts about Google Plus on his site like this one.

Faking Creativity

Faking Creativity

Jonathn Malm’s personal site is a great hub for ideas on creativity. I got the chance to meet Jonathan a couple of weeks ago, he’s a really nice guy working hard on some great projects like Church Stage Design Ideas and MoPho.to.

Merriam-Webster’s Word


The Merriam-Webster’s word of the day blog is a must follow. I know that creative writing isn’t based on big words. Learning new words always sparks my creativity. And no, I’m not encouraging the unnecessary usage of big words, but I’m not deprecating it either.

Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin

Seth’s blog is a great place to look for marketing advice, because Seth Godin is an authority in marketing. His posts are regulalry short, but that’s no necesarily a bad thing. In a world where most say that bloggers are supposed to knock out 1,000 word posts, he defies the stereotypes. He’s very consistent with his writing, expect a post every day.

Design Milk

Design Milk

Design Milk is an online magazine dedicated to modern design. I’ve recently found this site, but I’m already enjoying their content. I like their Skim Milk column which focuses on minimalist design. Some pretty awesome  just getting to read this site, but what I’ve seen is

Check these websites and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

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