Creativity Takes Courage

Quote by Henri Matisse

Reasons why creativity takes courage

  1. Because you expose yourself
  2. Because bad criticism sucks
  3. Because creating something is different than thinking about something. It requires action.
  4. Because you never know what you will come up with. Uncertainty is scary.
  5. Because sometimes it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever be able to come up with something. Occasionally it feels that the author’s (creative’s) block won’t go away.
  6. Because we tend to think that our ideas have been done better and multiple times before.
  7. Because inhibitions are too easy to give in to.
  8. Because we are our biggest judges, and takes courage to avoid the voice that says that you can’t do it because you are lacking skills.
  9. Because being courageous is not easy for some.
  10. Because real art, real creativity, defies the status quo. It takes courage to be defiant.
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